This API retrieves a list of key status information for Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs).

Response Data

tickerTicker symbol representing the Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF)
nameName of the Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF)
localeLocale or location of the ETF
marketStatusMarket status of the ETF (e.g., early_trading, late_trading, open, closed)
primaryExchangePrimary exchange where the ETF is listed
cikCentral Index Key (CIK) of the ETF
typee.g. Spot , Futures
marketCapMarket capitalization of the ETF
listDateDate when the ETF was listed
shareClassSharesOutstandingTotal outstanding shares of the ETF
aumAssets under management (AUM) of the ETF
feeExpense ratio
lastTradeTimeTime of the last trade
lastQuoteTimeTime of the last quote
volumeTrading volume of the ETF
volumeUsdTrading volume in USD
priceCurrent price of the ETF
priceChangePrice change of the ETF
priceChangePercentPercentage change in price of the ETF
updateTimeTime of the last update
assetInfoInformation about the ETF's assets
navNet Asset Value (NAV) of the ETF
premiumDiscountPremium or discount percentage
btcHoldingBitcoin holdings of the ETF
btcChangePercent1dPercentage change in Bitcoin holding (1 day)
btcChange1dAbsolute change in Bitcoin holding (1 day)
btcChangePercent7dPercentage change in Bitcoin holding (7 day)
btcChange7dAbsolute change in Bitcoin holding (7 day)
dateDate and time of the last update for Net Asset Value (NAV) per share eg. 2024-02-02
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