Pairs Markets

This API retrieves performance-related information for all available coins

Response Data

instrumentIdContract identifier
exNameExchange name eg: Binance
symbolSymbol of the coin eg. BTC/USDT
longVolUsd24-hour long trading volume in USD
shortVolUsd24-hour short trading volume in USD
longNumber24-hour long trading volume
shortNumber24-hour short trading volume
volUsd24-hour trading volume in USD
volUsdChangePercent24hPercentage change in trading volume for different time
intervals (e.g., 24 hours)
priceCurrent price of the coin
indexPriceCurrent price of the coin
priceChangePercent24hPercentage change in price for different time intervals.
openInterestAmountOpen interest amount
openInterestOpen interest
oiChangePercent24hPercentage change in open interest for different time intervals
longLiquidationUsd24hLong liquidation value in USD for different time intervals
shortLiquidationUsd24hShort liquidation value in USD for different time intervals
expiryDateTime, in milliseconds
nextFundingTimeTime, in milliseconds
oiVolRadioOpen interest volume ratio
oiVolRadioChangePercent24hPercentage change in open interest volume ratio for different time intervals.

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