Getting Started


CoinGlass API: An API system aggregating exchange futures contracts and options data.

CoinGlass API is a leading API system designed to provide users with aggregated data on contract trading volume, open interest, funding rates, liquidation events, liquidation heatmap, liquidation map, long/short ratios, and other important metrics from major exchanges. As a comprehensive data platform, CoinGlass API offers extensive market coverage, including data from over 200 cryptocurrency contracts and global mainstream options exchanges.

CoinGlass API covers a wide range of data, including essential market indicators and trading data from various exchanges. Users can easily access and analyze key metrics such as positions, funding rates, liquidation data, and long/short ratios from multiple exchanges, enabling them to gain in-depth insights into market dynamics and trends.

Some endpoints will require an API Key. Please refer to this page.

1.Register your coinglass account
2.Log in
3.Check the api

The base endpoinpus: <>

All endpoints return either a JSON object or array.